Nigel Zeff

The amazingly talented and hardest working graphic designer Nigel Zeff was not only my studio neighbor, but kindred spirit (same person). These conclude the final shots of the portrait series I did while at Otis in Ann Summa's lighting studio.

Michelle An

The lovely and talented Michelle An lent me her in-progress sculptures to use as the subject of a still-life. They proved to be pretty/creepy/cool...


Bie Lee & Lee Noble

Digital test shots from a 4x5 shoot with the lovely and talented folks, Bie Lee and Lee Noble

Adam Villanueva


Simon Sotelo

When she's not creating amazing works on clayboard, sculpting puppets, making A.B.A.W, or moshing bobby pins into my hair at a MMM show - the lovely Simon Sotelo finds time to look pretty for the camera.

Winn Eubanks